These products are the most widely used coatings for the maintenance business and have been modified to offer additional protection and or application properties. DTM, direct to metal, products that play a dual role as both primer and finish.

D.T.M. Alkyd Low Lustre

D.T.M. Alkyd Low Lustre P23

  • Tough, durable film with outstanding adhesion.
  • Attractive low lustre finish.
  • For exterior or interior use.
  • Self priming with easy application.
  • Extremely durable with rust inhibitive ingredients.
  • Available Colors: White, Black, Bronzetone
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Low Lustre
  • Cleanup: Solvent
  • Resin Type: Soya-Alkyd Latex
  • Recommended Use: interior_product,exterior_product
  • MPI Rating: 79
  • VOC Level: 370.0

DTM Alkyd Semi-Gloss

DTM Alkyd Semi-Gloss P24

  • Dual purpose — primer and finish coat
  • Rust preventative coating
  • Durable semi-gloss finish
  • Unlimited custom tinted colors
  • Interior or exterior application
  • Apply by brush, roller or various spray methods
  • Available Colors: All Colors, Safety White, Safety Black
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Semi-Gloss
  • Cleanup: Solvent
  • Resin Type: Modified Alkyd
  • Recommended Use: interior_product,exterior_product
  • MPI Rating: 81
  • VOC Level: 391.0
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